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Big work going on behind the scenes everyone! :)

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Hey Black remote, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I cannot do any item refunds at this time. I appreciate you taking the time to ask me and answer my question.

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zen i got my rdi on white remote can u please put my zen items back on it?

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Black what happened to your RDI?

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i need my rdi back

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yo zen

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Like they say lil-trippin "Man's not hot", be sure to rest up, I hope you feel better soon!

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damn im fixing to call guinness becaause i think im the only person who can catch a cold while on vacation in florida

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Hey Divine, I sent a message to you on Discord about plans for the future and this will definitely answer your question, please be sure to read it when you can :)

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Someone get on llf

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Why is no1 on . Lol

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Just an update that sharing was able to get back on after a little help :) Glad to have helped you!

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hey zen i messaged u back on cord

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Hey Sharing I messaged you on discord so I can assist you, please check it out!

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dude i cant play anymore for some reason

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well helllo there sexy ppl

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Simple Guide to revenants

kawasaki pro

kawasaki pro


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Default Simple Guide to revenants - 08 June 2017 - 10:20 AM

Hi everyone, Just a little something i've knocked together. Hope you like it.


Revenant Location - North west of edge in cave.

Melee gear setup (can be compromised on hellhounds ( Bandos armour minimum + whip or above )



Revenant hellhounds-



From here you can go north too 2 more hellhounds or south to the Orks.

Orks can be difficult to melee but with the right gear and supplies its very easy. Revenants will hit through prayer which is why soul split comes in handy. I recommend nothing less than bandos barrows whip or higher ( you will more than likely need to eat food aswell as soulsplit)



From the Orks. If you run all the way east. you will be faced with the revenant Dark Beast. Personally i've never melee'd this as i've found it easier to safe spot. Also North from That dark beast you will find a second one lurking about.



Lets move on the range/mage safe spots.


Personally i've never seen the point in ranging The hellhounds as theres more Orks in 1 area which can be safe spotted. So lets move straight to the Orks.



Next place we can go to is the most eastly Dark beast. These take a little longer to kill as they have more HP but the chances of a drop are better.



Drops- Based on 0% drop increase.

Revenant Hellhound


Revenant ork



Revenant Dark Beast



Don't let the High drop rates put you off. Get that Ring of wealth on. Play on hardcore which will give you a instant 30% Drop rate or even donate for a drop rate pin. In no time you will be rocking your favorite Gear. 

Link to my GANO guide


Link to my REVENANTS guide

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Default 08 June 2017 - 04:13 PM

Great guide man! Thanks for this!

Need help? Feel free to pm me :)


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kawasaki pro

kawasaki pro


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Default 08 June 2017 - 06:37 PM

Guide has been updated and tweeked.

Link to my GANO guide


Link to my REVENANTS guide

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